The Wealth Game – an ordinary person's companion by Peter Alcaraz published by Hutchinson Reed

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Published by Hutchinson Reed and written by author Peter Alcaraz, ‘The Wealth Game – an ordinary person’s companion’ explores the challenges and goals to achieving personal financial security...

The Wealth Game CoverAvailable Now At being free from the obligation of working for money day in and day out, year after year. Can you feel the relief of having enough and the joy of being able to give yourself what really matters? Financial self-security is not simply a worthwhile goal; it is an achievable one - and you can reach it far more quickly than you might think.

Learn how to:

  • Set an objective and strategy
  • Maximize your surplus cash and use it to build wealth
  • Choose and evaluate your assets
  • Use your debt effectively
  • Benefit from compounding
  • Measure and manage your net worth
  • Avoid traps and handle setbacks
  • Make the most of the prize

With these basic concepts you’ll be able to not only manage your money successfully but also build a life of value. Are you ready to play - and win - the wealth game?

What the critics are saying...

  • If the Yuppies had Gordon Gekko and his double-breasted suits in the 1980’s, then The Wealth Game author Peter Alcaraz has written the ultimate how-to-quit-the-rat-race for the Hipster Generation.
    Siobhan McNally, columnist and lifestyle journalist, The Daily Mirror

    Siobhan McNally
  • “An excellent guide to creating and managing your own financial plan for those with the inclination and self-discipline to do so, and the fact that the author has actually done it gives particular credibility. It addresses the important psychological aspects as well as the financial nuts and bolts and practicalities.”
    Robert Lockie, Chartered Wealth Manager, Certified Financial Planner and Branch Principal, Bloomsbury Wealth

    Robert Lockie
  • The Wealth Game is the light at the end of the tunnel to a financial dummy like me. Not only has Peter Alcaraz managed to create an easy read about sorting out one’s finances, but I actually feel I can now put this previously taboo subject into practice.”
    Trish Sims, Daily Express Newspapers

    Trish Sims
  • “It’s not often that a top city dealmaker passes on their top tips for success, which is one of several reasons that Peter Alcaraz’s The Wealth Game is a compelling read. More surprisingly, though, Alcaraz identifies a delicate balance that so many in his profession have failed to even consider: how much is enough, how wealth and happiness must go hand-in-hand.”

    Mark Leftly, Deputy Political Editor, The Independent on Sunday and Business Commentator, The Independent

    Mark Leftly
  • “What a refreshing book. The Wealth Game is an entertaining and practical guide to building wealth that goes beyond the usual what, when and how of personal finance. It also asks the much more interesting questions: why, who for and how much is enough?”
    Tom Stevenson, Investment Director, Fidelity International and Sunday Telegraph columnist

    Tom Stevenson

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